MedicalTalk®Global Your reliable medical consultation partner

Multilingual digital health passport, allows you to easily communicate with doctors in your native language or most familiar second languages when seeking medical treatment overseas. Equipped with a search function for hospitals in Japan.

Support you to receive medical services anytime, anywhere, safely and securely by overcoming language barriers between medical related staffs.

The app is available 24/7 in your smart device, and can be used in emergency situations as well as in daily medical consultation as substitution for interpreters and/or non-medical related translation device.

Download MedicalTalk® App:

User friendly intelligent design

Simply fill out a form in your native language or most familiar second language. Input basic information, medical history, habits, symptoms, etc., to create and save your personal medical passport. At the time of your visitation to the hospital, simply pairing your APP with doctor’s MedicalTalk Global web solution, localized information will seamlessly shared leading to a smoother consultation.

In addition, in some countries, the APP also has a function to search for nearby hospitals based on your current location or by filter you set, allow you to seek for speedy medical consultation.

  • When you suffer an unexpected injury or accident

  • When you suddenly get sick with a cold, stomach ache, headache, fever, etc.

  • Create and save personalized medical questionnaires Multilingual support function Search for nearby medical institution

Main Function

  • Multilingual support
    MedicalTalk Global instantly localizes the medical questionnaires entered by the user, enabling communication with local doctors and medical staff. Conveyed correctly, communicating correctly.

  • Medical History
    The app has the functionality to record and manage the medical history of individuals and families, allowing you to smoothly and safely seek medical attention in the event of an emergency.

  • Search for medical institution
    Search for nearby medical institutions which enabling quick access to medical care. Equipped with a function to narrow down your search by distance and clinical department you want to visit.

    *Please note that this service may not be available in some countries.

  • Digital medical questionnaire function
    A medical questionnaire that can be completed with just a tap. Current symptoms and concerns can be input intuitively and in an easy-to-understand manner even in the medical field. When visiting the clinic with similar symptoms, you can simply reuse and/ot update the one you created in the past to complete the process.